What Is The Six Figure Mentors Like On The Inside?

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Thank you for trusting my ability to deliver material for your inspiration. I am not going to let you down. By now you may have read some of the articles I have written or watched some video coming from me. It is probably evident to you that my aim is to let you know about the great opportunities that exist in today’s online market. It really provides a fantastic platform for you and me to take advantage of and create a work-life of freedom and flexibility. 

For myself I am creating a three-legged business of coaching consultancy, currency trading and as you know the education and business platform of The Six Figure Mentors. For you, it could be something entirely different and exciting. You may be thinking: “If I were to create a business for myself online, what would it be?” Well, there is an ocean of possibilities. You are the master. The neat thing about The Six Figure Mentors is that it is a community in which you learn how to promote any business you like, be it your own, one that you want to own or an affiliate business. The education is applicable to every kind of business you can think of. 

At the start, many people choose to be an affiliate for The Six Figure Mentors because they have a really good affiliate program. You can literally earn while you learn. As soon as you bring people in who, like you, can see the astounding benefits of being a part of The Six Figure Mentors you start to earn money. Good money. It is a real opportunity to create a passive income, even though you quite possibly cannot help wanting to be active in the community. You can also choose to let the education be about the business that you already have, but you want to make successful online. You can even learn how to make a successful import/export business … and earn in the process. You can literally start your new business today.

The Resources Inside

The first thing you meet when you join The Six Figure Mentors (this is after you have watched the free videos which I send to you when you register for them) is another, more in-depth series of videos with star mentor and co-founder Stuart Ross. He will be taking you through the setup of both your technical and business motivational resources. The Digital Business Lounge is a technical system and support team to meet all your needs when it comes to setting up online exactly the business you want to build. And the support team is quick and skilled, too. So you don’t have to be tech-savvy at all. 

There are landing pages ready-made as well as email autoresponders at your disposal. All you have to do is “connect the dots,” so to speak. 

Once you’ve set everything up you are ready to “go to market” and start advertising and creating content (text and video) for promoting your message, services, and products. For that purpose, there are all kinds of training available (Essential membership required, $297 enrolment fee and $97 a month, with a 30-day money-back-guarantee). There are different levels of curricula – education plans in the form of video and text. And to keep momentum as well as give you the opportunity to Q&A with mentors, coaches and peers there is a webinar almost every day that you can attend on different topics. Be it masterminding on your current level of marketing skills, learning new skills, questions on what you are dealing with right now, encouragement, motivation and momentum or meditation there is a webinar to meet your needs. And there is access to the full library of Linkedin Learning.

Every now and then during the year, there is a conference, a trip, a meet-up or a trip to make business connections arranged. And every six months there is Momentum Day where everybody who wants to meets with everybody else in the community, mentors, coaches, and peers, to make live connections, gain momentum and maybe regain motivation.

In your daily endeavors, you may need help, guidance or advice. For that purpose, there are coaches that you can schedule a live video call with. Your coach will follow your progress, give you advice and set tasks for you to make your progress effective.

The cool thing is that you can do all this from anywhere, whenever you want. You can start living the desktop lifestyle from day one.

The Community

When you join The Six Figure Mentors you very quickly learn that there are many people involved here. Not only is it a large organization of employees to serve every aspect of your business you will also very soon after entering encounter people who want to congratulate you, invite you or chat with you to make you feel comfortable and at home, be it employees or peers. Soon after you will be invited into different Facebook groups (Essential membership required) to keep you up-to-date with news, events and simply keeping track of the progress of everybody. 

One of my posts on the 90 Day Video Journey

Just as an example I would recommend to you: Join the 90 Day Video Journey (Essential membership required). It is great fun. It is a challenge for you to post a video a day for 90 days to a closed Facebook group to train yourself to be comfortable in front of the camera. Video advertising is a very effective way to communicate your message. And most people are not used to be on camera much less addressing a crowd of people. So to get your message across on video it is important to appear relaxed, comfortable and convincing on screen. Don’t worry … everybody is doing it. And you don’t have to have anything specific to talk about. You decide the content. You can talk about your day. Or you can create a promotion video. It is up to you. It is simply to make you feel good doing video. I have seen people being very shy in the beginning simply keep going way after the 90th video posted.

The Compensation Plan

When you have signed up you are able to start your business from day one, more or less. And you are eligible to receiving commissions if you sign up new members to The Six Figure Mentors. This is very convenient. Because if you haven’t decided from the start what business you want to drive you can use The Six Figure Mentors as a training object – or maybe even let it be your primary business in time. 

Introductory and Essential memberships

As you progress in your skills and knowledge in the organization and your business begins to thrive you can if you want to level up to get more advanced training and knowledge as well as better commissions. You can really make your commitment to learning online business a lucrative living.

And if you are simply here to learn how to online market your own existing or upcoming business you won’t find a better opportunity to learn from the best. And you will find the best mentors, coaches, and friends in the process. 

The Growth

Photo by Marion Michele on Unsplash

What I have found on my journey with The Six Figure Mentors is that there is no avoiding personal growth and development in the process of starting your own business. And the resources in The Six Figure Mentors (aka SFM) are there for just that purpose. Motivation, mindset, mindfulness, and meditation are topics that are just as important and therefore just as well represented in curricula on your SFM journey. You can join great weekly webinars on meditation, motivation, and momentum so you don’t run out of steam. And mindset is a part of every course, webinar, conference and coaching session. If for nothing else you should choose the SFM journey for simply learning to be yourself and be able to put yourself out there for due recognition.  

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  1. Growth is so important with any job for sure and going into business for yourself though is definately the way to go! Can’t depend on pensions anymore….

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