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I know I have been preaching that NOW is all that exists. The past is gone, and up for interpretation. The future is unknown and non-existing (read my recent article, Being In The Now). However, today here I am to talk to you about the benefits of taking a trip to meet your future self. How does that make sense?

Well, to reside in the now makes some demands. NOW without context may be the highest form of consciousness. Being conscious in the now may lead to who you really are – behind all context. And truth may indeed lie there. Context, however, is king, sometimes. As human beings we need some sort of frame of reference.

In order to surpass a deterministic paradigm, choice has to be introduced. As humans, we like to think that we have free will – an opportunity to choose. And indeed, if you don’t know where you want to go, then it doesn’t matter which path you take (to quote Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland). But also, the path that you want to take really determines where (and who) you are.

A Business Perspective

Let me take a little explanatory detour to illustrate the mindset of an entrepreneur. A closer look at how to find your self.

In his book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, Robert T. Kiyosaki describes a situation from his childhood when his friend Mike and he, inspired by the coaching of Mike’s dad (Rich Dad), see an opportunity to set up a business. A library of comics. They see comic books being discarded/decommissioned from a store when outdated and being replaced by new issues. Rich Dad has put them in a learning situation where they have to work for free and are therefore forced to use their imagination to find out how to make money if they want any. They see an opportunity in the situation an ask the store owner if they can have the discarded comic books. Sure enough, they can. So they set up their business, promising the publisher’s representative truck driver that they won’t resell the discarded comics. They charge kids 10 cents admission. And they can then read as many comics as they like until they leave. A good deal since comics were 10 cents each in the store. And it was a popular deal. So the two boys made good money for a few months.

Picture by Omar Lopez

So what do I want to say with this? Well, to create the person you are meant to be right now. You sometimes need help from the person you want to become. What do I mean by that? The two boys in order to learn how to make money, they need the mindset of the persons they want to become. Being as young as they are they may not have the frame of reference needed to imagine. But they have a mentor. And they actually possess the entrepreneural mindset already – without knowing it. 

In the same way, we all already potentially have the mindset we need to create our bright future. Maybe without knowing it. And maybe we need to reach back to when we were kids to find it. Find the core values that really drive us. And reach forward to find out exactly what we want – who we want to be. We all want to make the shift (see my article Being In The Now for reference) to a life of meaning at some point in our lives. Whether that point for you is now, or you have some other ambition, it is fruitful to adopt the mindset of the two boys. The unspoiled vision of your inner child. AND it comes in handy to envision your goals and aspirations to have already been met. You already know what you want and who you want to be. You just have to ask yourself.

Right here, right now, I want to take you on a journey to meet your future self. To be a little clearer on who you want to be. Who you really are. I am borrowing a little from a meditation done by Justin Woolf of the Six Figure Mentors in the fall of 2018 at a conference in London.

Picture by Joel Holland


Imagine that you are taking a trip to meet your future self. Imagine that you can. It is a beautiful day. You travel through landscapes of hills, beaches, forests, lakes, mountains, and you are fully attentive towards your serene surroundings. You are thinking to yourself how lucky you are to be here to experience this abundance of beauty. 

In the distance you start to see a familiar street, a house. You know it. You pull up to the house of your dreams. Already from out here you can feel the aura of this place. The calm, the enlightened state of knowing that this is the place – this is the time. You feel the soothing warmth of the sun on your skin. The light breeze that comes along every once in awhile, in which the smell of jasmine reaches your nostrils and fills your body with a tingling sensation of ease and nostalgia. There are birds singing. And you can single out the sound of the blackbird. The innovative variation in its song gives you the feeling that anything is possible. You hear the tones of familiar music coming from the house. Your music. You feel at home. You are home. You are smiling, because you can’t hold in the excitement that you are about to see what you have accomplished. 

You walk calmly up to the door. You are taking it all in. Just observing. And just before you reach it, it opens. You – your future self – opens the door. You look at each other; look each other in the eye and you see knowing, trust and the confidence that this is exactly what was meant to be. You see your energy. You see that you really care about life, about people. You offer value to the world – value to people. You don’t struggle. You are a person of influence. A positive influence to your loved ones. You lead by example. Your mission is powerful. 

Picture yourself waking up here in your home. Feel how your stance and your posture reflects the way you have confidence in how you are going to handle the welcome challenges of your day. How you are going to inspire those around you. You are grateful for your kingdom. The people who trust you with their confidence and money for serving them. You are completely humble and grateful. You kiss your loved one and head down to the kitchen for breakfast. On the way down you smell your favourite coffee or tea. The kitchen is gorgeous. Everyone is gathering around the table. The food tastes amazing. You’re looking around your home; the pictures on the walls. The smiling faces of your family. No worries. Life is abundant. And you have complete gratitude.

You are holding this image of your self who has solved the problems and challenges you are facing. This person is applying the lessons (s)he learned and has gone here with integrity. He/she is all in. In life. He/she made the tough decisions – did the things most people don’t do. He/she has answers – insight. 

You are standing before the open front door, locking eyes with your future self. His/her eyes are sending you complete clarity and understanding in that stare. You know exactly what is being communicated. Because this person has gone through the journey. He/she understands. What do you want to ask him/her? How did he/she get here? What did he/she do?

He/she shares with you the insight that you need. He/she tells you how beautiful life is, in ways you couldn’t even see before. He/she explains to you why you should trust the journey. He/she tells you how it is all meant for you. It is all here for you. Everything that you face – it is for you. You are not meant to know why. You just have to trust it. It is all ready to give you what you are asking to be. And if there is anything else you need to understand – he/she is going to deliver that understanding to you. 

In that moment you receive from the eyes of your future self the message that you are already there. You are already on the path. You can already lead others. Because you are guided to serve. You are guided to operate with integrity – to communicate with truth. You are going to build your business the right way. And you are not going to succumb to anything but your greatness. 

You embrace in the confidence that you have been given everything you need to trust and to step in to your higher self. Whatever happens it shouldn’t be any other way. It is only bringing you to where you want to be. 

As you say goodbye, and you walk back to your vehicle, you walk away with the humble knowing that you have been given everything you need to show up in your day powerfully in each step, in everything you do, with focus and courage. And you are going to take action. And it is going to feel great. You don’t even have to ask why. You already know why. As you wave goodbye you tell your (future) self that you are on your way. Because you are already there. 

As you are travelling back to now you are anchoring everything you heard. And as you land back at your  place you are going to be a different person, you are going to see the world differently. You have been given a gift that can not be removed from you. Because it is already a part of you. It is a gift of power, knowing, action and love. You understand. You are not scared anymore. It is all meant for you. You know how to tap into this energy. You are the master.

So You See

In order to step up to the challenges of your life right now, it is sometimes helpful to seek guidance from whom you are becoming. At the same time it goes to show how creating a vision can help you be fully present. Every leader, be it a leader of a business or a leader of one’s own life, knows that creating a vision and a mission is absolutely essential. However, most don’t – or they don’t follow the mission they have created.

I made a choice recently that I had differed from the path that I was meant to walk, and that I had to find my way back to it. I am still working. And I think everyone who wants to “touch the sun” will always be working to lay the tracks towards the ever illusive goal. However, who you are is knowable to some extent. And meeting whom you want to be is enlightening in that quest. It is not a one-time thing, though. YOU are (like your path) ever changing – but forever YOU. Enigma?

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