So Many Stories To Tell – And Businesses To Build

My Journey So Far III

Today I met a woman at the gym. She told me parts of her life story. She had gone through 16 operations for obesity and a broken pelvis and had more to come. And she was still struggling and probably would be for the rest of her life to just keep in health to get up in the morning and lead a normal life. 

She has gone through so much. And I was stunned by her story. I could nothing but listen for a long time. 

På dansk: Så mange historier at fortælle

woman at the gym
This is not the actual woman at the gym

And then it struck me that …

  • Her life of struggling with her health
  • Recent divorce and the family trouble involved

But also …

  • Her grand children that she now has time for and her new man who is the greatest
  • Her hobby, American vintage cars

… would account for a great blog. A blog that could really help a lot of people. 

Headlines like these come to mind

  • How To Overcome Divorce
  • Are You Struggling With Social Security And Health Care? Here Is How I Came Through In A Good Way
  • How I Worked Out My Pain In The Gym
  • My Victory In The War On Obesity
  • The Recovery of My Corvette Stingray SE

I don’t know what you are thinking right now, but I had an epiphany right there, telling me that I too have many great stories to tell. That we all do. 

Resistance To Change

I couldn’t help feeling a little bit disappointed, though, when I told her what I was doing with my time. Because she wasn’t quite buying in to my calling her to action, asking her to consider writing a blog, helping people – and earning som money in the process. And I get it – that it can be a little overwhelming to grasp the concept of making money online.

I told her that I am following a program with the Six Figure Mentors (SFM) which teaches you how to start an online business. That I have professional knowledge and experience in coaching and many other things. But that I was in the process of freeing myself from the 9 to 5. Getting great help from the mentoring, coaching and network that SFM offers. And I could see in her case that she could benefit a lot from the same journey. The business could be one of many, for instance: 

  • Helping people with health issues like her own
  • Helping people dealing with authorities and the health care system in cases of getting, for instance, financial assistance
  • Offering health advice for diet and physical training
  • Dealing with divorce issues in the family
  • American vintage cars

And you can profit from your interest by offering coaching sessions, for instance. But also from simply promoting products and services you like and trust and that are related to your mission and story – and receiving a commission recommending them.

The thing is: There are many people out there who crave the knowledge you have on the topics of your life. You might think them insignificant. But to other people with similar issues and dreams, your story is gold. 

Basically all our dreams and wishes for our lives are the same. We need love, happiness, family, friendship and relations. And any advice you can give is welcome, when you have the knowledge and authority and experience. Which we all have in one way or the other.

An Online Business of Abundance

Things to consider

The internet offers a unique (not completely) new – and largely undiscovered – way of leveraging the global reach that it has. 

Earlier in history you needed to have your product, a piece of real estate to set up your shop, channels like newspaper ads or word-of-mouth to reach an audience. And many people still live inside this paradigm. The conditions and mindset of this frame of reference can be what is still holding most of us back from tapping in to the almost endless possibilities that the internet offers. 

With only a computer and an internet connection you can now set up a business based on your interests that has a global outreach. Find your niche, learn the basic skills of online marketing and run with it. 

I am going to be real with you. Of course it takes time. You have to make a statement to the whole world, after all. But the tools are there for you. And they are effective. How to leverage them to the max? The Six Figure Mentors is founded by the best in the business and they have the best mentors and coaches to help you. Also there is a great tech support team for the abundant and easy to learn website-and-automation-setup-system. And they have the greatest and most helpful network of users who are constantly in dialogue and forming groups and teams to support and celebrate each other. 

But the most giving part of The Six Figure Mentors experience is the coaching around mindset and lifestyle change. There is lots of acknowledgement, appreciation and helping each other grow personally to mentally be set up for the task:

  • Finding your purpose
  • Condensing the message
  • Telling your story 
  • Staying the course
  • Empathising with your customer
  • Fighting obstacles and procrastination
  • Acknowledging that you are only human (and so is everyone else)

Next Time At The Gym

two people helping each other rapelling
Next time at the gym

The woman from the gym is living off a handicap pension of very little. Although right now she is living a romantic story, after her painful divorce, of having found a new, loving and attentive man with a good income. Having only just moved in with him. But she really wants to make her own living, and be able to pay her share of the household. So the next time I am at the gym, and she shows up, I am going to strike a conversation again. Because I really think she could benefit from having an online business. There is great potential in her story and her ability to help others. 

Instead of having to scrape by and succumb to borders and restrictions that come with a government paid pension, she could create a new life for herself of freedom and opportunity for herself and her family.

All she has to do is follow this link and she will have a video series introduction for free and later on a basic education, 5 modules, all-you-need-to-know and business setup, all for $297 with money back guarantee, should it not meet expectations inside 30 days.

If you want, you can read more about my online story in my blog, but also here and with testemonials from other members in the network.

We all have unique stories to tell. And we all have the ability to connect with and help other people. You do, too. And if you choose to start your online business, and offer your knowledge and message to the world, I’ll be there for you, too.

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