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Are You Disappointed That Your Experience Is Not Taken Seriously?

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How does it feel to be laid off at an age where it is difficult to get a new job because employers think …

  • You are too old to have ambition – that ambition and energy is a youth thing?
  • You require too large a salary to be of adequate value?
  • Leaders are intimidated by your knowledge and skills that could be a threat to their authority?
  • You will soon be thinking about retirement?

På dansk: Gråt guld

Well, you are not alone. And you can take matters in to your own hands. Like me, you can take a step into the new work market “paved” by online business. Create a senior work life of financial and geographical freedom that is governed by YOUR skills, YOUR interests and YOUR convenience. Make your work life so that you want to jump out of bed every morning.

If you are ready, already, follow this link to get a free introduction to how to create an online business.

Something is being done about it, however. But the industrial age culture of ambition being “rising through the ranks” dies hard. And the transition to a new work market is taking time. The question is: Can you wait for that?

A Work Force to Be Reckoned With

The European Agency for Safety & Health at Work says that in 2030 the older work force accounts for about one third of the total work force. There are many voices claiming that measures have to be taken to keep the older workers working for longer. 

  • To keep societies’ costs down
  • To keep competencies and experience from being lost
  • To avoid discrimination
  • To simply have a sufficient supply of labour

At the same time more and more of the elder population stay or want to stay at work. Many experience the love and mastery of their skills grow with age. And they want to … 

  • Harness the benefits of being great at their work
  • Experience recognition for their special knowledge
  • Teach others the know how

This may be the ancient tradition of honouring and respecting age and experience that we have neglected for many decades with the rise of the industrial age. And this could be the kind of engagement and love of the craft that an organisation really does not want to loose in a modern work market. 

Tendencies show that with more people living longer due to better general health and health care, more people stay working at a later age. Conditions are improving with better management and better work-life-balance introduced into leadership, as well as the tireless efforts of labour unions and NGO’s. 

The Industrial Age and The Machinification of The Worker

200 years ago industrialisation was on the rise. And coming out of feudal ages it seemed reasonable to see the labour force as machines. Technically no better than the machines that were so eagerly invented to further mass production. Only needed to attend to them as well as perform tasks that could not yet be done by machines. It was also at this time that Taylor’s time studies and Ford’s conveyor belts laid the foundations for Taylorism and Fordism. Scientific methods of optimising labour efficiency by “machinification”, so to speak.

With the help of the dynamics of the “battle” between capitalism and labour unions, working life became more human. And advances like vacation, maternity leave, minimum wage, prohibited child labour and more, came to be. Read also my article on Human Time, Capitalism and Online Business

In the 1960’s and 70’s there was a movement of emancipation personified by hippies, women’s liberals, anti war and civil rights movements. Personal computers and the internet in a way also came out of this era, personified by people like Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Bill Gates and Tim Berners-Lee. And even though this movement has suffered a setback since the 1980’s, with Neo-liberalism, there seems to be a new emancipatory awakening on many levels. 

Tendencies Towards a New Work Market

Ready to work …

In the last decade or two online business has risen. More and more people look to the internet when shopping or searching for solutions to problems – fulfilling needs. And there are still many more customers than entrepreneurs – more demand than supply – on the net. It is becoming one of the greatest economies of the world. It seems only natural that it should be the foundation for the new work market. 

The emancipatory heritage of this development could be of benefit to us – mature labourers. 

Mature Online Business

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What to want …

The gold rush is on. And we have the opportunity to shape the future with our knowledge and skills. Put it out there for the benefit of the whole world.

The internet has the potential to let you focus on what you want to be – what you want to give. And earn the respect and recognition that comes with it. Even if your employer can’t see it. 

But you think that it is too late to start a new business? You are in good health and chances are that you will live for a long time still. What is really holding you back? Which die hard beliefs do you have that tell you that you can’t do it?

You should still hone your skills and knowledge. Let the world know your values and what you know, mean and feel. You can help other people.

What are your skills and experience? Who needs to know? What are your values?

Help Is On The Way

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Let’s dance

If you are ready to know more about how to start an online business – even if you are not really conscious about what skills and knowledge to market yet, there is opportunity at hand. And you don’t have to be tech savvy, either.

The Six Figure Mentors is a community of mentors, coaches and likeminded peers who are present and there to help 24/7 365. 

I have been fortunate to get to know these people by following their initial education. And I can not stress enough how liberating this experience has been for me. Even if I haven’t exactly finished the education yet, and not yet harvested to the full potential of the journey, the acquaintance has already made an impact of feeling free and energetic every day – as well as acknowledged and appreciated by the community.

My hope is that it could do the same for you.

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