So You Want a Better Work Life?

Ebbe Søndergaard honestly

My Journey So Far II

YOU can create a great work life for yourself if you really want to. There is work to do for you to get there. But you are not alone. There are people who want to stand by you and watch you succeed. 

På dansk: Så du vil have et bedre arbejdsliv?

These are realisations that I have had lately. And I want to convey to you how I came to acknowledge that I needed a profound change in my life. A change which held prospects of:

  • Freedom in where and when I wanted to work
  • Being able to work with things that create a state of flow for me
  • Replacing my day job down the line

My Story of Work Life Stress

The need for something new had been building up over years. Especially when viewed in retrospect. It seemed as though my body knew before my mind did. Because stress crept in first in 2014 after organisational changes in the organisation that I worked for. Luckily I was able to dodge the worst effects. 


The second time it hit harder. And I had to realise that I had been luring myself into a routine of accepting that work was 80 percent consisting of stuff that I had to do and 20 percent stuff that I liked to do. It was very much affecting my life at home as well. I was becoming increasingly depressed as I to an ever higher degree felt I had to sacrifice my free time to deal with work or recover from it. 

To recover from the second “stress crash” I had help from my psychologist, a great coach, exercise in the gym, long walks, retreats and mindfulness over a period of a little more than a year. It took that long to reach a state where I could take on a new job. So I did. 

I was lucky to land in a small municipality where many of my skills were needed: Team coaching, leadership coaching, personality assessment and onboarding being the most prominent. I say luckily because, as I had done with mostly all my previous employments, I didn’t really make a very conscious choice diving into this new job. I took it because I needed it, and I thought I could do it. 

That I could, and I was increasingly happy with the challenge, my tasks and my colleagues. Sadly the government instigated cutbacks to be implemented quickly. To meet them organisational changes had to be made. And I, along with many others, had to go. 

The Change

So there I was. Out in the cold, so to speak … again. This time, though, it was a somewhat different situation. I had been given a very favourable discharge arrangement. Both the municipality and I were very unhappy that this had to happen. So I had some time to think.

And my thoughts circled around if maybe there could be a reason that I was standing here again. Could it be more than just a coincidence that my career had been “broken” so many times in recent years? Was I repeating some sort of mistake in the way I was running? 

Ebbe Søndergaard in Greenland
In Greenland contemplating

This lead me to a realisation that I had been running on autopilot for a long time. There was a clear consistency in the message that came out of my sessions with my psychologist, my coach and the consequential thoughts that I had: I was making life choices for reasons other than my own. Ever since childhood I had been doing what I thought was expected of me. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. But if, as a consequece, you neglect your own wishes and urges, things like stress and discontent happen.

The Six Figure Mentors Network and Me

Jay Kubassek & Stuart Ross, founders of The SFM

So when one day in December 2018 a young Swedish guy by accident showed up in a Youtube ad with a strong message of creating work life freedom by doing online marketing, I became curious. Normally I quickly click “Skip ad” when they appear in Youtube. But this time I was caught by something. Was it his sincerity? Was it my need to find a new way?

He urged me to click on to The Six Figure Mentors where I learned that it is possible to earn a living marketing products and services online. And not only your own products but also earning commissions from marketing other people’s products. 

Thereby creating financial and geographical freedom in that you can work from anywhere and “anywhen” earning by setting up automated sales funnels on the basis of meaningful and trustful communication with people around the world. 

A State of Flow

Intrigued by the offer of a Free 7 Day Video Series, as an introduction to the concept, I signed up and started learning. I was captured by the message of freedom, profound life change and option of self sustained earnings that could come out of continuing the journey with The Six Figure Mentors. 

The next step was a 30 Day Online Education with a fee of $297. So with the promise that if I didn’t think it had value for me, I could within the 30 days get all my money back, I charged out to conquer the online world. I didn’t regret it. 

In fact my encounter with The Six Figure Mentors has set me in a state of flow I haven’t experienced in a long time. It is a creative proces of getting to know yourself and specifying your goals and wishes in life as well as setting up a business. 

A team of coaches, administrators, tech advisors, mentors as well as a huge network of peers are present 24/7 to help and inspire you to grow and become the best version of you possible. I have learned that The Six Figure Mentors is not only an education but also a culture of full tolerance and appreciation that is sincerely there for you to leverage and contribute.

What do you wish for?

What do you want?

When it comes to a better work life, what does “better” mean for you? For me it has come to mean striving for flow. A focus on what I like to do. Getting up in the morning almost not being able to contain my urge to get on with my work of creating more business and communicating with peers and potential peers. 

This kind of work lets me also plan my work life so that I have time for other great activities such as composing and playing music. Our live stock of horses and sheep. Tennis. Long walks. Spending time with my family and my mother and friends.

What is YOUR passion? 

If you want a work life of freedom and flexibility you might benefit from some structured soul searching. Maybe you could use the help of The Six Figure Mentors as well. Who knows. You are also welcome reaching out to me. 

I could be your free coach, helping you on the right track to your goals. 

What do you want?

If you think, I can help you on your way, please drop me a line in the Contact section

If you think The Six Figure Mentors could be a path that could be giving for you click the menu “Digital Lifestyle Training“.

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