I Wanted a New Fulfilling Work Life

My Journey So Far

Is online marketing a thing for you? Could it be that great way to make a living and live a life in freedom financially, geographically and time wise? Could it be your way forward?

These are questions I have been asking myself. And it certainly has been a thrill for me, so far. 

På dansk: Jeg ønskede mig et nyt og givende arbejdsliv

Even though I am just starting my journey, I am already experiencing the peace of mind and freedom that I’ve been missing for so long. In fact as I am sitting here, writing this, I am feeling mindfull, relaxed and in peace of mind. It is quiet, I am home, it is the middle of the day and I am free.

Contemplating my journey

I want to tell you about my big personal change that has happened to me during the last two months. For me it has been profound. I am dealing with a steep learning curve on the subject of online marketing – and I am loving it. Every day I can’t wait to learn more, do the deed and be explicit about it. There is a lot of energy to be harvested.

The Six Figure Mentors is the path that I am taking. It is an online course in online marketing – out of the ordinary. It is quite a diminishing understatement to merely call it a course. It is a great experience of sincerity, honesty, helpfulness and competence from great mentors, coaches and a 24/7-there-for-you-network of people in different stages of the same journey as you.

My Story

When I made the decision to make a major work life change I had just experienced a lay off from my job. I have tried that before but due to being down with stress twice. This time the reason was cut backs. And I was after 7 months still the new guy. So it was easy to go one step back for the organisation. 

I was not so much sad as I was irritated that this had to happen again. Still it made me reflect on my career so far. When I started my career after university in 1995 it had become “the-thing-to-do” to change jobs frequently. So 2-5 years in one job, and I would become impatient and often dissatisfied with my work conditions, and beginning to search for new opportunities. 

It was great fun and excillerating to start a new job, but I was always looking for change. I like to think of myself as a patient man. But when it comes to jobs, I have always been impatient. 

I have worked with: 

  • Education management
  • Teaching
  • Information technology
  • Man-machine communication
  • Human resources
  • Coaching
  • Team collaboration development
  • Competence management
  • Talent management
  • Mediation
  • Recruiting
  • Personality assessment

A diverse list with a few common threads. I have learned and experienced a lot. 

Still, after my lay off I had the feeling that career wise the many shifts I had made didn’t seem very much driven by a conscious choice. Results have been many and I have acquired really useful skills. But there was also a feeling of not really moving forward. 

So I had this growing professionality, but why was I feeling empty?

The signs seemed clear to me: I was running into stress several times and I had a feeling of not having enough time for leisure, music, family and actually nurturing my core skills. It was what you might call a mid life crisis. And it was a lack of meaning.

In December of 2018 I stumbled upon a video by a Swedish guy, Emil Sundell, who in it talked about being dissatisfied with his 9 to 5 and building a new life of freedom and flexibility learning online affiliate marketing. He offered that I could do the same and start my journey for free to get a feel of what it entailed. I was intrigued, so I did. I learned about The Six Figure Mentors and I met Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek who made an impression of trust and competence like no other.

Affiliate Marketing? What Is It? 

I learned that you can make money online promoting other people’s products and services. And not only that. You can also – with the same tools – promote your own business. Ultimately creating a life for yourself where you can work from home, or anywhere in the world, with a combination of setting up funnels, communicating real time, blogging, creating a presence on social media and automating communication and sales. 

Affiliate marketing is about earning commission from promoting other people’s business.

I made a choice to try and create an online presence around my own skills as well as being an affiliate for The Six Figure Mentors (SFM). It made sense, since much of my professionality has to do with facilitating change. And SFM made it possible for me to make a significant change in my work life. This could serve as one of a few products and services I could promote as a solution for others to leverage, too. It seemed an obvious connection.

My Goals

Being thankful

The journey with the SFM has revealed to me that it is not simply a money scheme. It is truly a fundamental life changing experience of serious soul searching, goal setting and spirituality as well. And the community of SFM supports all of these aspects, too.

So the process of setting business goals has been equally profound. In fact, at this stage I am not sure that my process is finished. However, so far I am absolutely sure that I want to seriously help people achieving their goals as much as I want to achieve my own. 

So coaching, development and support are wonderful tools to do just that. 

What are your goals?

Marketing (and finding) Yourself Online

Building a business online is very much about building a personal presence. And it is building trust with people. These very lines are meant to be exactly that. And I hope that I have come across to you in a way that makes you feel safe. 

To the point: The process that SFM takes you through is a safe way to explore your potential, find your core values, get to know yourself – or whatever you would call it. And doing it while learning a new skill in an appreciative environment of people who know what you are going through and are always there to help.

You might want to try it for yourself

My Banner

I’ll be following up on my progress of finding myself and honing my skills to meet my mission for you to read in the time to come, if you are interested. So stay tuned.

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