The Extreme Energy of The “Lazy” Worker

There is a revolution on the way in the work market. People are replacing their income with online business.

Many people start their own online business

Around this time of the year, many people are coming home from vacation and going back to work. It is a time when many of us reflect on the meaning of the work we are doing. You may be telling yourself things like: “Do I really have to?” Or: “Oh, when I have worked the first full week I’ll be alright. It’s not so bad.” 

The rest of the year we hunger for free time, vacation, quality time; expressions that are popular but also becoming an obsession for working people. In my country, it is becoming increasingly popular to want more free time and it is craved and in demand even more than getting a larger paycheck. Only 12% of dissatisfied working people leave their job because of money (source: Why are we not surprised? Is it an indicator of things to come? A new way of living? Could it be a solution to some of our and even humanity’s greatest problems? Let’s investigate.

We Want Something Else

70% of working people in the United States are disengaged at their job. 53% are decidedly unhappy with their job. The numbers are almost equally high in Europe. About 25% of working people in the western world are affected by stress. Wanting something else is the symptom. What are the implications? Apart from the obvious statistics, what is it that working people would rather be doing than doing their job? What if it were possible to tap into the energy and motivation that is held for whatever it is that working people really want to do (consciously or unconsciously)? Or maybe even tap into the energy that lies in not wanting to do what they are doing now?

The extreme energy of the “lazy” worker

Well, it seems clear that some of the things people want more time for are important stuff like family – kids, spouses, and relatives. After that: Leisure time. Time to recover from work. But what if working people were given all the time they wanted – to do whatever they want?

What If You Didn’t Have To Worry About Making a Living?

In recent years there have been conducted social experiments on Basic Income. A base income with no attachments whatsoever for every citizen. Experiments have been done in poorer countries like India as well as richer countries like Finland. Main finds are that, contrary to what one might think, people don’t get lazy. They start businesses. What would you do if your basic needs were taken care of?

Being present

Many people think – or are led to believe – that if a person is not rewarded they will not work, not contribute to society, be lazy. Well, this might be true if the alternative is this person losing hope, sinking into depression and despair. Which would be a likely scenario if there were no social mechanisms to support them when they lose their income. However, what if this notion is simply convenient to industrial-society-business-owners because the jobs they offer are just not very attractive. And indeed you might argue that who would do cleaning jobs, waitressing, renovation and so on? Or maybe so-called “bullshit jobs” like registering things that are of no use to anyone, or creating bureaucracy for no reason. A legitimate counter-argument. However, are we not moving into some new form of society (as we indeed always are) with automation being at the heart of it all and a liberal economy that extends hitherto boundaries?

Companies in Sweden have experimented with a 4-day work-week with great success. Productivity has risen. 

My bold claim is: In light of increasing automation and the way that the world economy is structured today with floating currencies and money being created as debt in banks it is actually possible to decide to give every person a basic income to live on to increase the quality of life for everyone. And this just might pave the way for businesses to arise that we would never have thought of. Because now people’s imagination would have been set free to contribute to the world what they have always wanted. But until that decision is made you will have to create this foundation yourself. So if you are dissatisfied in your job situation you have two alternatives the way society is structured today:

  1. Find another job
  2. Start your own business

Star Trek Society

Milky Way

What could a future society look like? What would we need to prepare for? What would be the bold new way to meet the future? In an episode of the science-fiction TV-series ‘Star Trek The Next Generation’ (you know the phrase: “To boldly go where no one has gone before”) the captain of the starship Enterprise, Jean-Luc Picard, explains the basics of 24th-century economics to a 20th-century businessman, whom they have found drifting in space after having been frozen down since the 19 hundreds (I can’t remember how he ended up in a life-pod in space, though). What Picard says is: “The acquisition of wealth is no longer the driving force of our lives. We work to better ourselves and the rest of humanity.” 

Imagination is a prerequisite to shaping the future. This means that in order to shape or be prepared for the future you will sometimes have to ‘kill your darlings’ and imagine the unimaginable. Many people can’t do it and stop themselves from imagining because they see mechanisms of today as unchangeable. Like ‘there will always be rich and poor’ or ‘the market will always rule’. However, could it be that what we have been brought up to know: That you have to work for a living … is also one of these “unchangeables”? That in a world of abundance – where resources are actually enough – only we have restricted them economically in order to hold a workforce in place – we only have to share? That nature simply provides as long as we keep the balance? That we have now created wealth in abundance on a whole new level – enough that we can eliminate poverty and the need to struggle to survive? Can you follow me?

Star Trek The New Generation crew

In another episode of Star Trek, Jean-Luc Picard says: “Seize the time… Live now! Make now always the most precious time. Now will never come again.” And it seems many of us are violating this fine principle by working for a living – not living for our work, making life work for us. Now that abundance has been created – or simply acknowledged – maybe we could emancipate each other and erase the divides we have created between people. Start letting each other live the lives we really want. 

What energy would we release by doing that? One can only imagine.

Doing Away With Busy-ness

BS work

Artists and sportspeople tell us that when they are doing their thing they do it best at times when they are not self-conscious. When whatever they need and want to do sort of flows through them, coming from another place.

The greatest minds in science and art are telling the rest of us that many of their most genius discoveries and theories were created when they were doing nothing. When they were literally sitting around staring and not doing anything. 

Maybe you’ve had one or even both feelings yourself. I know I have. 

I have been (un)fortunate enough to have experienced losing my job a couple of times. What I found in those periods of being out of a job was of course frustration that I didn’t have a job and not knowing when I would get one again. And I had a family to support. However, when I then found a job the time that passed from knowing that I had got it until I was starting up was always one of creativity. The notion of security and time on your hands is a creative cocktail. However, when I was back in the nine-to-five, I didn’t feel that I had time to be creative anymore.

Comparing with say for instance business owners, entrepreneurs or artists, representing a segment of working people who work way more than a standard workweek, almost cannot stop working when in flow, do not retire when they get old and love what they do, one might ask: What makes them go? Why is everybody not doing what they do? Doesn’t everybody want a work-life that puts them in flow?

Historical Laziness

Historically laid back

Before civilization man hunted and gathered in nature to fulfill their survival needs. Nature provided. And nature set the boundaries as to how large the population could become. 

Agriculture changed this setup, created the opportunity for abundance and laid the foundation for civilization. Populations grew. Hierarchies were systemized to maximize profits for kings and queens, nobility, upper classes. 

The upper classes didn’t work. At least not hard and not in the way the lower classes would define it. Since the beginning of civilization, the working classes (slaves, peasants, workers) have been taught to view work as hard, something that you had to do, and that if you worked hard enough you could emancipate yourself. Even an otherwise liberating term like “The American Dream” really means: Start at the bottom. And if you work hard, you can move into the rich segment. The rich segment being really those who have made resources work for them instead of working for resources. 

It is really a mindset issue as well as a political one. In his book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, Robert Kiyosaki’s point is that we are all brought up to understand that we have to work to make a living. Whereas the mindset that will actually make you rich is figuring out how to make money, and make money work for you – instead of the other way around.

The world view of working for money is so systemized today that we speak of such a thing called ‘the work market’ which can be controlled and managed. Employment rates have an impact on the economy. Regulating the supply and demand of labor is an economic factor.

Upper-class people of the ages before industrialization would be called lazy in today’s terms since they were not working their asses off like us – being busy as hell all the time – not always with undisputably good reason. But they were the ones setting the societal stage at their time. And the ones that we remember today. From a certain perspective, not much has changed. It is still a few that make the many work.

So what can we learn?

Well, it seems that nature provides if man lives by nature. If, however, we choose to live by our own rules, agriculture/civilization …, we create wealth – a surplus from what nature provides which can be maximized if we make other people work for us. Or we make money work for us. Set up systems that create a market of products or services that people want.

Creating abundance

And it seems that it is important for people to be able to find meaning in their work. So in order to be successful in the market, we have to provide meaning … value. It seems the workforce has “matured”. The values that were true before are not as useful anymore. 

The Shift

“Thoroughly unprepared, we take the step into the afternoon of life. Worse still, we take this step with the false presupposition that our truths and our ideals will serve us as hitherto. But we cannot live the afternoon of life according to the program of life’s morning, for what was great in the morning will be little at evening and what in the morning was true, at evening will have become a lie.” – Carl Jung

Carl Gustav Jung

As the individual experiences a transition over a lifetime so it seems humanity now experiences a change. We are looking for meaning. Life has to be meaningful. Otherwise, we experience stress, detachment, and dissatisfaction. We have come too far to just be satisfied with surviving.

The good news is that the risks of breaking out of the limiting paradigm that says we have to work for others to make a living are becoming more and more insignificant. Resources and opportunities are there. We have created abundance on a new level. We can create our own base income, even create our own abundance, doing what we love doing, not having to succumb to dissatisfaction with jobs that don’t align with our values – and at the same time create time for ourselves to be present with our loved ones. In addition, we could create a work-life that has many more moments of feeling in flow. The positive energy of working with what you LOVE.

Start working for you … now

Meet Your Future Self

Picture by Mathieu Stern

I know I have been preaching that NOW is all that exists. The past is gone, and up for interpretation. The future is unknown and non-existing (read my recent article, Being In The Now). However, today here I am to talk to you about the benefits of taking a trip to meet your future self. How does that make sense?

Well, to reside in the now makes some demands. NOW without context may be the highest form of consciousness. Being conscious in the now may lead to who you really are – behind all context. And truth may indeed lie there. Context, however, is king, sometimes. As human beings we need some sort of frame of reference.

In order to surpass a deterministic paradigm, choice has to be introduced. As humans, we like to think that we have free will – an opportunity to choose. And indeed, if you don’t know where you want to go, then it doesn’t matter which path you take (to quote Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland). But also, the path that you want to take really determines where (and who) you are.

A Business Perspective

Let me take a little explanatory detour to illustrate the mindset of an entrepreneur. A closer look at how to find your self.

In his book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, Robert T. Kiyosaki describes a situation from his childhood when his friend Mike and he, inspired by the coaching of Mike’s dad (Rich Dad), see an opportunity to set up a business. A library of comics. They see comic books being discarded/decommissioned from a store when outdated and being replaced by new issues. Rich Dad has put them in a learning situation where they have to work for free and are therefore forced to use their imagination to find out how to make money if they want any. They see an opportunity in the situation an ask the store owner if they can have the discarded comic books. Sure enough, they can. So they set up their business, promising the publisher’s representative truck driver that they won’t resell the discarded comics. They charge kids 10 cents admission. And they can then read as many comics as they like until they leave. A good deal since comics were 10 cents each in the store. And it was a popular deal. So the two boys made good money for a few months.

Picture by Omar Lopez

So what do I want to say with this? Well, to create the person you are meant to be right now. You sometimes need help from the person you want to become. What do I mean by that? The two boys in order to learn how to make money, they need the mindset of the persons they want to become. Being as young as they are they may not have the frame of reference needed to imagine. But they have a mentor. And they actually possess the entrepreneural mindset already – without knowing it. 

In the same way, we all already potentially have the mindset we need to create our bright future. Maybe without knowing it. And maybe we need to reach back to when we were kids to find it. Find the core values that really drive us. And reach forward to find out exactly what we want – who we want to be. We all want to make the shift (see my article Being In The Now for reference) to a life of meaning at some point in our lives. Whether that point for you is now, or you have some other ambition, it is fruitful to adopt the mindset of the two boys. The unspoiled vision of your inner child. AND it comes in handy to envision your goals and aspirations to have already been met. You already know what you want and who you want to be. You just have to ask yourself.

Right here, right now, I want to take you on a journey to meet your future self. To be a little clearer on who you want to be. Who you really are. I am borrowing a little from a meditation done by Justin Woolf of the Six Figure Mentors in the fall of 2018 at a conference in London.

Picture by Joel Holland


Imagine that you are taking a trip to meet your future self. Imagine that you can. It is a beautiful day. You travel through landscapes of hills, beaches, forests, lakes, mountains, and you are fully attentive towards your serene surroundings. You are thinking to yourself how lucky you are to be here to experience this abundance of beauty. 

In the distance you start to see a familiar street, a house. You know it. You pull up to the house of your dreams. Already from out here you can feel the aura of this place. The calm, the enlightened state of knowing that this is the place – this is the time. You feel the soothing warmth of the sun on your skin. The light breeze that comes along every once in awhile, in which the smell of jasmine reaches your nostrils and fills your body with a tingling sensation of ease and nostalgia. There are birds singing. And you can single out the sound of the blackbird. The innovative variation in its song gives you the feeling that anything is possible. You hear the tones of familiar music coming from the house. Your music. You feel at home. You are home. You are smiling, because you can’t hold in the excitement that you are about to see what you have accomplished. 

You walk calmly up to the door. You are taking it all in. Just observing. And just before you reach it, it opens. You – your future self – opens the door. You look at each other; look each other in the eye and you see knowing, trust and the confidence that this is exactly what was meant to be. You see your energy. You see that you really care about life, about people. You offer value to the world – value to people. You don’t struggle. You are a person of influence. A positive influence to your loved ones. You lead by example. Your mission is powerful. 

Picture yourself waking up here in your home. Feel how your stance and your posture reflects the way you have confidence in how you are going to handle the welcome challenges of your day. How you are going to inspire those around you. You are grateful for your kingdom. The people who trust you with their confidence and money for serving them. You are completely humble and grateful. You kiss your loved one and head down to the kitchen for breakfast. On the way down you smell your favourite coffee or tea. The kitchen is gorgeous. Everyone is gathering around the table. The food tastes amazing. You’re looking around your home; the pictures on the walls. The smiling faces of your family. No worries. Life is abundant. And you have complete gratitude.

You are holding this image of your self who has solved the problems and challenges you are facing. This person is applying the lessons (s)he learned and has gone here with integrity. He/she is all in. In life. He/she made the tough decisions – did the things most people don’t do. He/she has answers – insight. 

You are standing before the open front door, locking eyes with your future self. His/her eyes are sending you complete clarity and understanding in that stare. You know exactly what is being communicated. Because this person has gone through the journey. He/she understands. What do you want to ask him/her? How did he/she get here? What did he/she do?

He/she shares with you the insight that you need. He/she tells you how beautiful life is, in ways you couldn’t even see before. He/she explains to you why you should trust the journey. He/she tells you how it is all meant for you. It is all here for you. Everything that you face – it is for you. You are not meant to know why. You just have to trust it. It is all ready to give you what you are asking to be. And if there is anything else you need to understand – he/she is going to deliver that understanding to you. 

In that moment you receive from the eyes of your future self the message that you are already there. You are already on the path. You can already lead others. Because you are guided to serve. You are guided to operate with integrity – to communicate with truth. You are going to build your business the right way. And you are not going to succumb to anything but your greatness. 

You embrace in the confidence that you have been given everything you need to trust and to step in to your higher self. Whatever happens it shouldn’t be any other way. It is only bringing you to where you want to be. 

As you say goodbye, and you walk back to your vehicle, you walk away with the humble knowing that you have been given everything you need to show up in your day powerfully in each step, in everything you do, with focus and courage. And you are going to take action. And it is going to feel great. You don’t even have to ask why. You already know why. As you wave goodbye you tell your (future) self that you are on your way. Because you are already there. 

As you are travelling back to now you are anchoring everything you heard. And as you land back at your  place you are going to be a different person, you are going to see the world differently. You have been given a gift that can not be removed from you. Because it is already a part of you. It is a gift of power, knowing, action and love. You understand. You are not scared anymore. It is all meant for you. You know how to tap into this energy. You are the master.

So You See

In order to step up to the challenges of your life right now, it is sometimes helpful to seek guidance from whom you are becoming. At the same time it goes to show how creating a vision can help you be fully present. Every leader, be it a leader of a business or a leader of one’s own life, knows that creating a vision and a mission is absolutely essential. However, most don’t – or they don’t follow the mission they have created.

I made a choice recently that I had differed from the path that I was meant to walk, and that I had to find my way back to it. I am still working. And I think everyone who wants to “touch the sun” will always be working to lay the tracks towards the ever illusive goal. However, who you are is knowable to some extent. And meeting whom you want to be is enlightening in that quest. It is not a one-time thing, though. YOU are (like your path) ever changing – but forever YOU. Enigma?

Are You The Creator of Climate Change?

How To Start Changing For The Better

I came across a debate on Facebook the other day, concerning climate change. And it occurred to me that there are more than a few people out there who either fear climate change or deny it. 

Either way is toxic. And it induces a feeling of being stuck – not being able to act.

climate change global warming
Photo by Matt Palmer on Unsplash

You Can Do Better

When you fear climate change the “monster” is overwhelming you. You can’t get an overview. The problem seems so big that you don’t even know where to start, should you somehow manage to assemble the courage to actually do something about it. 

When you deny that climate change even exists the fear is so great that denial seems a good way out. You create a narrative that the problem doesn’t exist. Or you are simply comfortable knowing that it is not your problem. You may even collect “evidence” that the problem doesn’t exist, contrary to popular belief. That climate change is not real, not caused by humanity, or that someone else should solve it.

Take Responsibility

“The pollution of the planet is only an outward reflection of an inner psychic pollution: Millions of unconscious individuals not taking responsibility for their inner space.” – Eckhart Tolle

So it is a matter of taking on your responsibility. 

Photo by Bob Blob on Unsplash

But how can I do that? What little I can do cannot stop climate change. It is a global phenomenon. And I am up against forces that are almost infinitely strong. Still, as with any other kind of change, it all starts with me, myself and I. An old Chinese saying goes:

“Even the longest journey starts with the first step.” 

It is not a problem that is going to go away any time soon. And it will not in itself be affected much by your efforts. But you can, and just might, start a trend. And maybe more importantly, you can solve the problem in you.

Action is exactly what is needed to both fight climate change AND change our stance and inner space condition. Greta Thunberg is, in this case, a great role model. She deals with the diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome. And for years she reacted to news of climate change with crippling fear. Only when she started acting to counter her fear she started feeling better. Now she is a climate change fighting icon. What she did was to not go to school every Friday, but strike and go sit in front of the Swedish parliament in protest of the lack of action taken to counter climate change.

Greta Thunberg – Photo by Jan Ailin

Taking Action In The Now

As I was talking about in my previous blog post, “Being In The Now”, your ego is constantly trying to make you believe that you are made up of your past and that you have to worry about your future. You are even wired to be focusing on your fear. Nature has given you the very valuable ability to foresee danger. If a wolf or a sabertooth tiger is lurking in your vicinity, you really need to be alert. And your body and mind help you with that.

Only, nowadays most people don’t need this ability as often. But it is so hardwired into our brain that the gut-reaction to almost anything, if you feel insecure about it, is fear. As with Greta Thunberg I think we are probably all to some extend crippled with fear, as long as we don’t act to counter this huge problem. And this crippled feeling can lead to mental unrest, stress and illness. 

If you are stuck in a job that seems meaningless to you it might even strengthen this effect. Since you spend most of your time doing stuff that doesn’t solve your problem. I can help you with that. See my previous blog posts – or opt-in on the introductory videos about starting your own business online.

Eckhart Tolle would say that if you are stuck in the delusion that you are your past, you are not conscious. Consciousness occurs when you acknowledge that Now is all there is.

Starting For Your Self

“Are you polluting the world or cleaning up the mess? You are responsible for your inner space; nobody else is, just as you are responsible for the planet. As within, so without: If humans clear inner pollution, then they will also cease to create outer pollution.” – Eckhart Tolle

So Tolle is also, in his own way, saying that this is really an “inside problem”. Human action is responsible for climate change, so human action has to change. How to start changing? It starts with yourself. And in Tolle’s world, that means knowing who you are – being in the now, where you have the power to change. You can change nothing else. Therein lies the power to change the world.

“Change the way you see things and the things you see will change.” – Wayne Dyer

So when do I start to take action? Now is the time that something can be done. The past is gone. And the future doesn’t exist yet. This is in harmony with the scientific message these days that there is a window of 11 years where we have time to reverse climate change, or at least keep the worst catastrophe from happening. 

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

The first step in your journey is to acknowledge that you have the power to change what you will. As long as you start with yourself. And as long as you recognise that change is found in the now. Because that is where you are. 

The question therefore becomes “Who am I?” “What do I want?” “Why do I want it?” And knowing this: “What action do I need to take?”

If you want to know the answers to these questions, and you need somebody to listen and guide you, I am available for conversation and maybe coaching along your way.

Being In The Now

Why You Have To Be Present To Be Successful

You have probably encountered messages that tell you: “Do it now !” or “Just do it !” And you may have felt small. Because you postpone, you procrastinate, you fail to reach your true goals. As do most people. I can certainly relate. 

Sometimes it is wise to slow down in order to be present

So when we become dissatisfied with ourselves or even stressful not living up to our own expectations (or maybe other people’s expectations), someone may have tried to convince you that: “What you need is practicing mindfulness.”

As effective mindfulness really is, to really get into the life changing essence of it, I think, it is essential to try to grasp some of the core philosophical aspects of this whole paradigm – and how life changing it actually is. Very simply of course.

Man and dog
Be where you are

Being in the now – in the present, and really feeling it is one of the central exercises that you should probably practice to move into the realm of knowing your true values; your true self. So what does that mean?

What Is Now?

Now is a point in time. What is time? Well, when I set out to write this article, I was hardly able to start. I tried to start over and over again. At one point I said to myself: “It really isn’t that strange that you can’t get started. Of all topics in the world, time is probably the most complex concept, you could think of, man.”

Some say time is an illusion. A concept that has been invented by man, but doesn’t really exist. Still, science includes time as the duality “spacetime”. The fabric of the universe as defined by Albert Einstein in his Theory of Special Relativity. 

time plant and space

So time definitely exists somehow. Only, maybe not in the form of our daily-life-idea of it as the system of ordering past, present and future.

Because as we shall see, the past and the future may not really exist. Only “now.”

“The present moment is all you ever have” – Eckhart Tolle

In his book, “The Power of Now“, Eckhart Tolle defines the past and the future as non-existing. The past is gone – it has passed. So it doesn’t exist anymore. In fact, it is up for interpretation. It is actually really hard to grasp the past without really credible sources. And your own picture of the past is probably always to some extent skewed and modeled to fit your present purpose

The future hasn’t come into being yet. We don’t know what will happen. We can try to predict, but we have no facts. An old Danish saying goes: 

“It is hard to predict. Especially about the future.” 

Some people have a special gift of being able to predict just about every negative outcome of a situation. Logic will tell you, though, that only one of them becomes true. And most of the time, not one of the negative ones. Yet most of us have experienced having a myriad of worrying and even negative thoughts in our heads. Disturbing our peace of mind.

So all that exists is now. Now is all we actually know. Past and future are not real. Science has an interesting theory about this – which I won’t get in to right now. But it seems that in the universe of spacetime there is also really only now – no past or future. You can learn more about this in this video about the nature of time (about the now approximately 20 minutes in).

The Impact of Now – For You And Me

Being in the now requires some effort. We tend to live in the past or in the future. Worrying about what will happen – or what has happened. All the more reason to be right here … in the now … Nothing else exists.

Some mindfulness meditation methods use focussing on your breath. Moving on to “feeling in your mind’s eye” the different parts of your body. Also controlling your thoughts by “emptying” your mind. Not driving your thoughts away as much as letting them present themselves, recognizing them and then set them aside for another time. This will lead you to a state – a presence – of calm and being present in the now. For more on mindfulness meditations see for instance the work of Jon Kabat Zinn.

This is where you will find your true self. As opposed to your ego which relies on your past and future worries for identity. This is why it is so hard to let go of the ego. It is closely tied in with our sense of identity. However, when you reach the ability to look at your ego from the outside. Being in the present. And transcending into your true self. Then you will feel flow and in harmony with your purpose – your wants – your true self. 

Benefits of Being in The Now When It Comes to a Business Mindset

Owning a business, if it is to be a successful endeavor, is all about burning. Living it. Keeping up when the going gets tough. Being authentic. And all those things. In a world of abundance getting your message through requires that you are authentic. That whoever you want to affect, he or she can trust you and likes what she sees.

And that is why being in the now is important. Because if you are not present, you are not authentic. And you can not be more authentic than being in the now.

If you are authentic, and your customers get to know, like and trust you, there is really no limit to the potential business.

Ways to Change Habits and Be More In The Now

Whatever you are doing, and however much you feel what you are doing is aligned with who you are, it is always good to practice mindfulness. You change through life. As do your values. 

“Thoroughly unprepared we take the step into the afternoon of life; worse still, we take this step with the false assumption that our truths and ideals will serve us as hitherto. But we cannot live the afternoon of life according to the programme of life’s morning; for what was great in the morning will be little at evening, and what in the morning was true will at evening have become a lie.” – Carl Jung

Jung speaks here of the change – the shift – from the young life of ambition, competition and living up to social expectations; to the latter part of your life when meaning, purpose and ambition of knowing your self and your goals becomes more important. In this context, this is only one of four basic transitions in a human life. Most of us undergo more; often without even consciously knowing.  For more on this topic watch this video.

So one key to being successful in life, being authentic is acknowledging that you are constantly changing. And that you at any time will need to practice being in the now to be able to know your self and what you want – your goal and purpose.

So schedule your practice by for example: 

  • Starting your day meditating and visualizing your purpose
  • Scheduling the day (maybe two days)
  • Taking action on your purpose (not caring if you might fail as long as you are on the right track)
  • Being mindful of how much you love what you do
  • Ending your day writing down what you are grateful for

This is only one of many ways to go about it. And if you need help to create a personal change or mindful schedule, I would be honored to help.

The Instrument of Your Great Future

What Is The Six Figure Mentors, Actually?

You have heard me rant on about how you can change your work-life and achieve your dreams and golden goals doing online business. But when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, what does it really mean? What does it entail? What do you have to do? Who am I going to meet? What is really in it for me?

På dansk: Værktøjet til at skabe din store fremtid

This article goes to the core of what you can expect, should you make the decision to move on to the first steps of the journey to your work-life of freedom.

Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek, the founders of The Six Figure Mentors

The Fear

In my home country, Denmark, 22% of working people are dissatisfied with their jobs. In the US the number is as high as 70%. You would think that this would make a landslide of people leave their jobs and do something else. However, this is not the case. Why?

In the western world most of us live performance driven work-lives. We don’t have the time or energy to rise above the day-to-day hassle. Thinking it is easier to deal with “the devil you know”. The main reason we don’t move away is fear of the unknown. We tell ourselves: What if I can’t make it? What if I lose my professionalism or the position I have worked so hard for? Am I good enough?

Being dissatisfied with and maybe even complaining about your work-life situation is a conflict-filled place to be. And it calls for action. But if you do not act, it can be not only frustrating. Some experts say it may even be dangerous to your health. The situation activates our “fight-or-flight” instinct. But no fight or flight occurs. We get stuck in this realm of fear.

Dissatisfied with your job?

It is a little like when you buy a lottery ticket. You dream of winning the big prize. You know you might never, though. But winning a small win once in a while makes you stay in the game. Getting a promotion or a raise or a pad on the back every now and then keeps you thinking: Maybe, I wanna stay on for just a little longer.

I don’t know about you. But I certainly can relate to this. Looking back on my career it has been a line of convincing myself that my job wasn’t all that bad. But you and me … we can do better.

The Why

I found that what I have to do is ask myself “Why?”

Why do I keep making the same mistakes over and over? Why do I end up in the same situation again and again?

But even more importantly: What is my “Why”? What is my purpose? What do I want?

The latter question is the foundation to being able to replace the jobs that I don’t want. Answering the question is a work in progress. But for now I have found that breaking free is my preliminary purpose. And The Six Figure Mentors has been so very helpful in my quest. Read my earlier articles to learn how that came to be.

But not only that. The Six Figure Mentors also has the potential to laying the foundation for leveraging my professional skills and taking them to a new level. How? Well, let me tell you.

A Work Life of Freedom

Freedom and flexibility in working

What is it that The Six Figure Mentors are offering? 

  • It is an education. A step-by-step course in setting up an online business. All with a technical setup system with support. And you don’t have to be at all tech savvy either. A marketing system and support. Coaches, mentors and a network of co-students.
  • A network of peers who are on the same journey as you – at different levels. Some have just started and others have thriving businesses. Some organise sub-communities for different subjects. And the culture is altruistically helpful 24/7 365. 
  • The opportunity to earn while you learn. You are free to set up a business according to your own wishes and goals. But if you are confused as to what you want to build your business on, you can start by promoting other people’s products or simply promote The Six Figure Mentors. It is called Affiliate Marketing. 

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to start an online business, if you don’t know what product or service to sell just yet – and even if that is what you want to do, period. Many online businesses (among the best known are Amazon, Apple and eBay) offer commissions if you refer customers to their products and services. 

So if you promote a product – say you create a video where you praise a product sold on Amazon – and you send people via a link to Then what purchases, these people make, give you a percentage in commission. 

Many people have created thriving businesses doing just that. 

Import and Export

The Six Figure Mentors also have an import/export education and support program. Here you learn how to make connections to great, reliable suppliers of great products all over the world. And how to setup an online business to “challenge Amazon”. 

Your Own Business Going Online

The same principles as the ones used to set up an affiliate marketing business apply to promoting your own professionalism. Whether you want to promote your bakery or your consultancy firm, organic and ad-driven marketing can be converted into great business online. In the program you can learn to manage ads on different platforms, make promotional videos, write blogs, tell stories and much more. You can also learn different kinds of marketing principles and methods. 

What is really cool is that you learn how to automate much of this. So driving customers to your business happens, even when you are not present. You can literally wake up one morning, to learn that sales have been made while you were sleeping.

The Mindset

The process of converting from the paradigm of a paid job, inside the performance culture mentioned above, can be counter intuitive and very difficult. And many fail. Look only to statistics which say that most startup businesses fail during their first two years of existence. This is no less true for online businesses.

The good news is that The Six Figure Mentors also “have this covered”. Not to say that you are guaranteed to succeed with The Six Figure Mentors. But the program is VERY focussed on helping you pinpoint your purpose, get the right mindset, keep up momentum and consistently move forward towards your goal. 

Almost every day there is a webinar coaching your: Meditation, vision, keeping focus, masterminding, wake up call, and so on. 

There are also online workshops in marketing mastery, tech support, Q&A and more. And you can have a coach to make appointments with and have 1-on-1 sessions online. And on Facebook there are groups related to The Six Figure Mentors posting news, tips and tricks or simply success stories to help you keep up the good work and make friends all over the world.

The program even has a library of over 6,500 online courses on every which subject you can think of.

My Business Vision

A day at the office

I have started my journey towards a work-life of freedom doing affiliate marketing. Enjoying the full support of The Six Figure Mentors. The next step for me, when I have pushed through with this, is my consultancy firm of coaching and personality testing. Then the artwork of cartoonist Josefine Overbeck, my daughter. Then my wife’s health consultancy skills. And so on. It’s gonna be HUGE 🙂

What Is an Online Business to You?

I don’t know what you are thinking right now, but I saw great opportunities in The Six Figure Mentors. And so far if nothing else, the experience has been life changing for me. I have a new perspective on my work life. And I have gained energy and positivity which attracts energy and positivity right back from my surroundings. It really beats working for other people’s purpose. It even creates energy to “put up” with working a 9-to-5, if I can only work with my online business on the side.

What do you think it could do for you?

If you want to share your thoughts with me on this topic – maybe share your dream of a free work-life – please don’t hesitate to send me a message in the contact section or via the Messenger chat in the lower right-hand corner. I promise I will return to you.

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Living Your Dream Life (?)

What Does It Take?

The world is changing. This is not news. The traditional way of working is becoming obsolete. There are many signs of it. People like Richard Branson and many others are telling us, and we can either embrace the future or suffer being a part of a declining paradigm. Taking on a new way of working can be your way to grow as a person. Getting what you want out of life. Embracing your new life will be easier if you let good people help you.

Father and daughter on the beach at sunset
The possibility of spending more time with your children

På dansk: Lever du dit drømmeliv?

The journey I am on with The Six Figure Mentors is more one of finding myself than anything else. In fact it is a culmination of occurrences over the past almost 10 years that has led to an epiphany. And the scope of it is only now slowly dawning on me.

I was not really looking for it, consciously anyway, when I joined the program. However it soon became apparent that in order to make the shift from an ordinary lifestyle to “the laptop lifestyle” it was helpful – and even painfully necessary – to take a leap of faith and start taking on a new way of thinking. And it turns out that it has been a natural follow up to the previous development over the years.

For me it has been a serious change of mindset going from a 9 to 5 paradigm of having the basic schedule naturally laid out for me at the outset, just filling in with my professionalism, and just following the goals and visions of my workplace – to placing my trust in myself to create a schedule for my own goals and purposes.

I have been preaching to leaders for many years how important it is to create and maintain a clear vision, mission and goal setting to be able to effectively manage a business – or even parts of it. Now I am in a position where I have to take my own medicine. 

What Do You Want?

The gift of …

So what is it that you have to do to create that dream of a work life which is fulfilling and in line with your values and aspirations? Well, it all comes down to asking yourself the simple question: “What do you want?”

We all know – but don’t always live – that we only have limited time on Earth. It isn’t easy to acknowledge. But then it is also what makes life what it is and defines the frame for our happiness. If life was endless why would we make an effort of anything?

So why on Earth would anyone live a life not in line with his or her dreams and wishes?

Well, it is an age old enigma (read also my article on How Do I Get Freedom in My Life?) which is founded in conventions and expectations. However, events – often traumatic, but also often seemingly insignificant or trivial – can take you to a crossroads where you have to make a choice to either keep living a life defined by what you think others expect of you or start down a new path defined by your own goal.

To be faced with this choice can be so overwhelming that many people simply choose to stay where they are, or are not sensitive to the revelation and do not let themselves be moved by the feeling – not consciously aware that anything happened.

The thing is, however that you have to trust your feelings if you want to be true to yourself and your purpose. You know it, because Obi Wan Kenobi said it (Star Wars reference).

The Path

Where to?

So what could a path to living your dream life look like, at the moment when you realise that you have to make the choice?

Well, along the lines of my experience as a coach one way to go about it could be methods to starting to define what you want. Now that the crossroads has been reached, a new path seems to present itself through the mist and the vision of a choice becomes clear, envisioning what lies out there at the end of the new path becomes more and more crucial and unavoidable. 

The Method

Defining what you want is really important. However, to be able to do it, it is necessary to take action and not dwell too long on contemplating. Goals have a way of not being absolute, anyway. When you set a goal, the path towards it often opens up new horizons which lead to new goals along the way. And sometimes you have to take a detour to get to where you want to go.

So the “how” becomes important right away. You may even have to experiment and try to plan out your way to different goals to see which path seems more attractive.

The plan

At a practical level what you have to do is: 

  • Envision your goal. 
  • Try to imagine that you have already reached it. What does it feel like, now that you have made your dream a reality? I mean: Really feel? Who is with you? How do(es) he/she/they feel? What have you achieved? Really explore this place.
  • Which obstacles did you have to overcome on the way? Put them on a timeline – going from now to “Goal Reached” – as milestones. How did it feel when you overcame every one of them? How did you celebrate? Who was with you? What did they say? What could be done now that could not before?
  • Now, make a plan to reach the first milestone
  • Walk the path and reiterate and adjust every once in awhile according to new realisations on the way

The Mindset

More than anything happiness is a choice. 

You may think that the life you lead now is wrong for you and you may feel that choice of a new way presenting itself very clearly. But if you think money is going to lead you on the right track or even make it easier choosing the right path, you are almost certainly going to be disappointed. 

The choice

With money being your goal, as soon as “your new life” becomes the norm, you will be in the same unhappy mindset looking for the next “thing” that will surely make you happy. Only YOU can make YOU happy. It is all about the mindset, not something any thing or any one in your surroundings can do.

Ask yourself if someone who is trapped in a third world, war torn country who has lost their family would be grateful for our “stressful” jobs, our “roofs over our head”, our clean running water. For them that would be the most incredible thing they could imagine. So why don’t we appreciate it? It is because we are not present, and we are not grateful. 

Trade your expectations for appreciation and your world will begin to change.

The method here starts off very much like the one above: Envision yourself being happy. Try to imagine that you are ultimately happy right now. How does it feel? Explore the feeling.

But this time stay there … if you can.

What is required of you now is training your ability to …

  • Appreciate what is there in your life
  • Forgive
  • Be present … now
  • Feel

Tools to master these things could be …

  • Meditation
  • Exercise
  • Keeping a diary
  • Get in touch with people you love
  • Helping other people

It is important to realise, however, that you cannot expect to “reach Nirvana” in this life. Nobody is perfect. Nobody is happy all the time. Not even the Dalai Lama. 

But the next best thing can be attained by sticking to the path – keeping up the routine, whatever your chosen routine is. If your way of staying on course – staying in your happy mindset – is say meditation, exercise and a healthy diet, scheduling that, scheduling the way to meet your goals and staying on track is the key to happiness. That is what people of achievement do.

The Law of Attraction

Taking it even a step further a routine made to get you to where you want to be and staying in a happy place can also create the foundation for simply attracting all the things you want. 

Have you ever been in a state of flow, where you felt that whatever happened everything would turn into something good? A period in life where you could do nothing wrong and everything good would come to you?

But have you also, like me, had the experience that these states of flow do not persist? 

Well, what I have found (I am not at all perfect at it and probably never will be) is that if you stick to your plan and your schedule and you are disciplined in doing so, the states of flow persist for longer. 

There is a whole movement along this paradigm which is called The Law of Attraction, claiming it to be The Secret to success and happiness that all succesful people have lived by since the dawn of time. Check it out.

My Dream

What would you do if you had the opportunity of a lifetime? What dream would it help you achieve? 

For years I led the life that was expected of me. Or so I thought. 

When I was young I was a brilliant saxophone player with lots of talent. Playing with some great professional musicians. I was good at sports as well. Had a lot of talent. I did well in school. I was a good kid. Too good. I almost always behaved well and did what was expected of me. Even though my parents supported me, bought me a saxophone and loved to hear me play, they somehow also installed in me that being a musician is not a good way to make a living. 

So being the “good kid” that I am, I went ahead and got a university degree and a job in consulting. I married and had two wonderful children. Got a mortgage, a car, and all that you would expect of a good family life.

Slowly but surely I abandoned my musical ambitions and became a true professional. 

For many years I lived the perfect family life. And my kids grew up happy and well cared for. My love life was good. I was happy. 

However, equally slowly and surely dissatisfaction snuck in. About 10 years ago I started to feel increasingly fed up with my employment. Started to think: “There must be something else, something better suited for me.” 

Through my whole career I found myself feeling dissatisfied with my job after a couple of years. And if not, something would happen that I would loose the obtained good conditions which I had created, and I would have to find a new job.

Years later my father died. And even though he was 94, it was traumatic, and I came down with stress at work and couldn’t work for more than a year. I was happy to be able to get a new job which suited me and my professionalism well and I felt content for awhile. But fate would have it that cutbacks meant that I had to leave that job, too. Six months later, here I am.

Within the last 3 months I have had the pleasure of getting to know the people inside The Six Figure Mentors community (see how that came about in my other articles). The journey here is much more than simply learning the skills of setting up an online business. It is also …

  • Getting to know and appreciate an altruistic network of peers. Hundreds of good people who are living the same journey and being there for each other all around the world, day and night, wanting you to succeed
  • A spiritual exercise of reaching into your heart and discovering who you really are and what you want out of life
  • Discovering skills and values that you didn’t even know you had

This means that for me the community and the program has helped me realise my goal and my potential. And it has helped me set in place schedules and plans to go where I want to go.

Also the coaches and the network is constantly delivering inspiration to keep up momentum and pick you up whenever you feel stuck or slowed down for whatever reason.


The fact is, nobody really expects anything definite of you. Nothing that you can’t change. Because the only thing that matters is what YOU want and what YOU think. If you change what you want and how you think, the world changes. Take the chance and make the change. If you don’t do it, the world does it for you. But if you are stubborn and you are not willing to follow your heart, not willing to make the choice, the world will give you things you don’t want. Things that are not aligned with your heart. 

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So Many Stories To Tell – And Businesses To Build

My Journey So Far III

Today I met a woman at the gym. She told me parts of her life story. She had gone through 16 operations for obesity and a broken pelvis and had more to come. And she was still struggling and probably would be for the rest of her life to just keep in health to get up in the morning and lead a normal life. 

She has gone through so much. And I was stunned by her story. I could nothing but listen for a long time. 

På dansk: Så mange historier at fortælle

woman at the gym
This is not the actual woman at the gym

And then it struck me that …

  • Her life of struggling with her health
  • Recent divorce and the family trouble involved

But also …

  • Her grand children that she now has time for and her new man who is the greatest
  • Her hobby, American vintage cars

… would account for a great blog. A blog that could really help a lot of people. 

Headlines like these come to mind

  • How To Overcome Divorce
  • Are You Struggling With Social Security And Health Care? Here Is How I Came Through In A Good Way
  • How I Worked Out My Pain In The Gym
  • My Victory In The War On Obesity
  • The Recovery of My Corvette Stingray SE

I don’t know what you are thinking right now, but I had an epiphany right there, telling me that I too have many great stories to tell. That we all do. 

Resistance To Change

I couldn’t help feeling a little bit disappointed, though, when I told her what I was doing with my time. Because she wasn’t quite buying in to my calling her to action, asking her to consider writing a blog, helping people – and earning som money in the process. And I get it – that it can be a little overwhelming to grasp the concept of making money online.

I told her that I am following a program with the Six Figure Mentors (SFM) which teaches you how to start an online business. That I have professional knowledge and experience in coaching and many other things. But that I was in the process of freeing myself from the 9 to 5. Getting great help from the mentoring, coaching and network that SFM offers. And I could see in her case that she could benefit a lot from the same journey. The business could be one of many, for instance: 

  • Helping people with health issues like her own
  • Helping people dealing with authorities and the health care system in cases of getting, for instance, financial assistance
  • Offering health advice for diet and physical training
  • Dealing with divorce issues in the family
  • American vintage cars

And you can profit from your interest by offering coaching sessions, for instance. But also from simply promoting products and services you like and trust and that are related to your mission and story – and receiving a commission recommending them.

The thing is: There are many people out there who crave the knowledge you have on the topics of your life. You might think them insignificant. But to other people with similar issues and dreams, your story is gold. 

Basically all our dreams and wishes for our lives are the same. We need love, happiness, family, friendship and relations. And any advice you can give is welcome, when you have the knowledge and authority and experience. Which we all have in one way or the other.

An Online Business of Abundance

Things to consider

The internet offers a unique (not completely) new – and largely undiscovered – way of leveraging the global reach that it has. 

Earlier in history you needed to have your product, a piece of real estate to set up your shop, channels like newspaper ads or word-of-mouth to reach an audience. And many people still live inside this paradigm. The conditions and mindset of this frame of reference can be what is still holding most of us back from tapping in to the almost endless possibilities that the internet offers. 

With only a computer and an internet connection you can now set up a business based on your interests that has a global outreach. Find your niche, learn the basic skills of online marketing and run with it. 

I am going to be real with you. Of course it takes time. You have to make a statement to the whole world, after all. But the tools are there for you. And they are effective. How to leverage them to the max? The Six Figure Mentors is founded by the best in the business and they have the best mentors and coaches to help you. Also there is a great tech support team for the abundant and easy to learn website-and-automation-setup-system. And they have the greatest and most helpful network of users who are constantly in dialogue and forming groups and teams to support and celebrate each other. 

But the most giving part of The Six Figure Mentors experience is the coaching around mindset and lifestyle change. There is lots of acknowledgement, appreciation and helping each other grow personally to mentally be set up for the task:

  • Finding your purpose
  • Condensing the message
  • Telling your story 
  • Staying the course
  • Empathising with your customer
  • Fighting obstacles and procrastination
  • Acknowledging that you are only human (and so is everyone else)

Next Time At The Gym

two people helping each other rapelling
Next time at the gym

The woman from the gym is living off a handicap pension of very little. Although right now she is living a romantic story, after her painful divorce, of having found a new, loving and attentive man with a good income. Having only just moved in with him. But she really wants to make her own living, and be able to pay her share of the household. So the next time I am at the gym, and she shows up, I am going to strike a conversation again. Because I really think she could benefit from having an online business. There is great potential in her story and her ability to help others. 

Instead of having to scrape by and succumb to borders and restrictions that come with a government paid pension, she could create a new life for herself of freedom and opportunity for herself and her family.

All she has to do is follow this link and she will have a video series introduction for free and later on a basic education, 5 modules, all-you-need-to-know and business setup, all for $297 with money back guarantee, should it not meet expectations inside 30 days.

If you want, you can read more about my online story in my blog, but also here and with testemonials from other members in the network.

We all have unique stories to tell. And we all have the ability to connect with and help other people. You do, too. And if you choose to start your online business, and offer your knowledge and message to the world, I’ll be there for you, too.

Grey Gold

Are You Disappointed That Your Experience Is Not Taken Seriously?

mature man saying really

How does it feel to be laid off at an age where it is difficult to get a new job because employers think …

  • You are too old to have ambition – that ambition and energy is a youth thing?
  • You require too large a salary to be of adequate value?
  • Leaders are intimidated by your knowledge and skills that could be a threat to their authority?
  • You will soon be thinking about retirement?

På dansk: Gråt guld

Well, you are not alone. And you can take matters in to your own hands. Like me, you can take a step into the new work market “paved” by online business. Create a senior work life of financial and geographical freedom that is governed by YOUR skills, YOUR interests and YOUR convenience. Make your work life so that you want to jump out of bed every morning.

If you are ready, already, follow this link to get a free introduction to how to create an online business.

Something is being done about it, however. But the industrial age culture of ambition being “rising through the ranks” dies hard. And the transition to a new work market is taking time. The question is: Can you wait for that?

A Work Force to Be Reckoned With

The European Agency for Safety & Health at Work says that in 2030 the older work force accounts for about one third of the total work force. There are many voices claiming that measures have to be taken to keep the older workers working for longer. 

  • To keep societies’ costs down
  • To keep competencies and experience from being lost
  • To avoid discrimination
  • To simply have a sufficient supply of labour

At the same time more and more of the elder population stay or want to stay at work. Many experience the love and mastery of their skills grow with age. And they want to … 

  • Harness the benefits of being great at their work
  • Experience recognition for their special knowledge
  • Teach others the know how

This may be the ancient tradition of honouring and respecting age and experience that we have neglected for many decades with the rise of the industrial age. And this could be the kind of engagement and love of the craft that an organisation really does not want to loose in a modern work market. 

Tendencies show that with more people living longer due to better general health and health care, more people stay working at a later age. Conditions are improving with better management and better work-life-balance introduced into leadership, as well as the tireless efforts of labour unions and NGO’s. 

The Industrial Age and The Machinification of The Worker

200 years ago industrialisation was on the rise. And coming out of feudal ages it seemed reasonable to see the labour force as machines. Technically no better than the machines that were so eagerly invented to further mass production. Only needed to attend to them as well as perform tasks that could not yet be done by machines. It was also at this time that Taylor’s time studies and Ford’s conveyor belts laid the foundations for Taylorism and Fordism. Scientific methods of optimising labour efficiency by “machinification”, so to speak.

With the help of the dynamics of the “battle” between capitalism and labour unions, working life became more human. And advances like vacation, maternity leave, minimum wage, prohibited child labour and more, came to be. Read also my article on Human Time, Capitalism and Online Business

In the 1960’s and 70’s there was a movement of emancipation personified by hippies, women’s liberals, anti war and civil rights movements. Personal computers and the internet in a way also came out of this era, personified by people like Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Bill Gates and Tim Berners-Lee. And even though this movement has suffered a setback since the 1980’s, with Neo-liberalism, there seems to be a new emancipatory awakening on many levels. 

Tendencies Towards a New Work Market

Ready to work …

In the last decade or two online business has risen. More and more people look to the internet when shopping or searching for solutions to problems – fulfilling needs. And there are still many more customers than entrepreneurs – more demand than supply – on the net. It is becoming one of the greatest economies of the world. It seems only natural that it should be the foundation for the new work market. 

The emancipatory heritage of this development could be of benefit to us – mature labourers. 

Mature Online Business

woman with a credit card
What to want …

The gold rush is on. And we have the opportunity to shape the future with our knowledge and skills. Put it out there for the benefit of the whole world.

The internet has the potential to let you focus on what you want to be – what you want to give. And earn the respect and recognition that comes with it. Even if your employer can’t see it. 

But you think that it is too late to start a new business? You are in good health and chances are that you will live for a long time still. What is really holding you back? Which die hard beliefs do you have that tell you that you can’t do it?

You should still hone your skills and knowledge. Let the world know your values and what you know, mean and feel. You can help other people.

What are your skills and experience? Who needs to know? What are your values?

Help Is On The Way

mature couple dancing
Let’s dance

If you are ready to know more about how to start an online business – even if you are not really conscious about what skills and knowledge to market yet, there is opportunity at hand. And you don’t have to be tech savvy, either.

The Six Figure Mentors is a community of mentors, coaches and likeminded peers who are present and there to help 24/7 365. 

I have been fortunate to get to know these people by following their initial education. And I can not stress enough how liberating this experience has been for me. Even if I haven’t exactly finished the education yet, and not yet harvested to the full potential of the journey, the acquaintance has already made an impact of feeling free and energetic every day – as well as acknowledged and appreciated by the community.

My hope is that it could do the same for you.

Get a video series introduction to starting an online business for free

How Do I Get Freedom In My Life?

Human Time, Capitalism and Online Business

This is a profound and essential question that probably every human being puts to him or her self every now and then. But what does freedom really mean? What value does this concept hold for you?

På dansk: Hvordan får jeg frihed i mit liv?


Along with the question of freedom you would probably question the meaning of life. Adding meaning and value to your life is key when you reach a certain point whether it be early on or later in life. A point of choice. A point where you either choose life or settle with drifting with the current, so to speak. 

A standard upbringing teaches you to go to school, get a job, work to be of value to society and provide for your family (maybe pay off your debt). But could you aspire to more?

Some Philosophy

Could I aspire to more?

The concept of choosing life was THE pivotal point for philosopher Søren Kierkegaard. He thought that every human being reaches a point in life where there is an opportunity to “choose life”. To make a choice to live life to the potential that one has, and that life offers. 

Another (but contemporary) philosopher, Martin Hägglund, talks in his recent book, This Life – Secular Faith and Spiritual Freedom, about how we as humans are limited by our life span. And so our freedom is limited as well. Freedom has its natural limitations, so to speak. And it does not make sense to talk about freedom without limits. So freedom does not mean being free of limitations. 

Time Is Freedom

Being free is recognising yourself in how you spend your time and in the obligations and relationships that you are dependent on. The risk of tragic loss – the loss of your own life or the loss of what or who you love, is not an option that can be eliminated, but an innate part of on what you choose to spend your time. The limited time you have in this life.

The Time of Your Life

You cannot have joy without sorrow. You cannot have life without death. You cannot have meaning without uncertainty and vulnerability. 

So if your life and freedom are limited, the question remains: How do I spend the limited time that I have in this life?

Contrary to other living things, humans produce a surplus of time. Time that we do not spend eating, sleeping and satisfying our natural urges. The spiritual freedom of man consists of a choice of how to spend his time surplus. Writing a book? Painting a picture? Composing a piece of music?

The Future Work Market

Online Business

Over the last 200 years the world has seen the rise of The Industrial Age and Capitalism in turn giving rise to a certain emancipation of “the worker”. With the influence of labour unions the workers’ time has been given value in the form of a salary, free time and legal rights.

And in later decades we have seen The Information Age, introducing automation, almost unlimited information, new markets and the yet to be seen consequences of the internet. The internet may have the potential of bringing new kinds of freedom for people. 

This is important because this development acknowledges the fact that human beings create “surplus time” which we like to fill with creativity and other meaningful endeavours. The quest for money alone cannot provide humans’ desired meaning in life. There has to be a “Why”.

Limitations of Capitalism and Growth


So the question arises of what consequences the emancipatory effects of online business will have on the work market. On your life – and mine.

Capitalism has done wonders for wealth and abundance, even if the distribution of it leaves something to be wished for. And it is important to acknowledge this status to capitalism. But it seems that capitalism may have kind of outlived itself. Even if the thought alone may seem controversial. And that some new paradigm has to take over the role of bringing about the changes wanted and needed to further human development. 

According to Martin Hägglund capitalism ends up alienating the human being of its own time by subordinating it the dogma of growth. Simply put capitalism values growth higher than the surplus time of people. You can witness this when society tells you that you are (only) truly valuable when you have a job – when you work – when you become a tax payer; a loan taker. When growth is put forth as a goal in itself for the economy. It is a paradox that capitalism doesn’t value the surplus time that capitalism created for humanity – and which holds the true value for the individual. This is an unstable situation.

This could be a main reason so many people today dislike their employment, feel stress, feel dissatisfied in their lives. And this is why online business has the potential of becoming the foundation of a new emancipatory paradigm. Providing a way to freedom for you and me.

Freedom Through Online Business

There is a gold rush arising, and has been for a little more than a decade, on the internet. Online business is boosting. Today almost anything that was formerly sold physically in stores and shops can just as easily – sometimes even easier – be sold online. And new exclusively online products surface every day. Right now the potential seems unlimited. 

This development is changing the world. How much of your shopping is done through the internet? How much time do you spend online? Some of the largest companies in the world are online companies. More and more startup entrepreneurs are so online.

An online business has the potential to market to the world. And it is more often than not set up with automated processes that let the business run 24/7 365. That means that if you only tend to your business on a regular basis you can work when it suits you and your calendar. YOU are the master of your (surplus) time – not your employer. That is the new emancipation.

Free Yourself

The really big news is that this world is for you to tap into. You can be an online business owner. 

You could scavenge the net for resources, information and knowledge about how to be successful online. It would take some time and you might have to evaluate the information you find whether it is helpful or deceitful.

Alternatively, I want to present you with another option. You can follow this step-by-step online education (initially video series introduction for free) which gives you all the skills to start an online business. It comes with coaches who are leading online entrepreneurs themselves, a great tech service and an extensive network of peers on different levels who are there for you every time you need them. The education system is called The Six Figure Mentors. Check it out.

You Attract Success

The Key to Success

The journey of becoming an online marketer is also a quest for personal development. Naturally enough given the emancipatory mechanisms we talked about in the above. Not only can it be difficult to grasp the comprehensive change that is caused by the internet. The possibilities of a new kind of work life. The freedom offered, and the conscious alterations you have to consider implementing in your life from now on. It is also a rather deep psychological endeavour where in the process of setting the goals for your business you will need to assess your personal values as well. Comfort zones may have to be challenged.

It is truly enlightening.

The good news is that when you learn to focus on your true goal, you will get help from your surroundings. You may want to consult the works of people like author Wayne Dyer or the idea of The Law of Attraction to dig deeper into the workings of attracting all the things you want in life.

Also, I am ready to help you, should you need a helping hand.

The Thing Is

You are shaping the future work market in your process of creating your online business and getting the freedom in your life that you deserve.

We are still only just seeing the beginning of the big change from industrial and information society to something new and exiting. Your new work life of freedom and flexibility.

So You Want a Better Work Life?

Ebbe Søndergaard honestly

My Journey So Far II

YOU can create a great work life for yourself if you really want to. There is work to do for you to get there. But you are not alone. There are people who want to stand by you and watch you succeed. 

På dansk: Så du vil have et bedre arbejdsliv?

These are realisations that I have had lately. And I want to convey to you how I came to acknowledge that I needed a profound change in my life. A change which held prospects of:

  • Freedom in where and when I wanted to work
  • Being able to work with things that create a state of flow for me
  • Replacing my day job down the line

My Story of Work Life Stress

The need for something new had been building up over years. Especially when viewed in retrospect. It seemed as though my body knew before my mind did. Because stress crept in first in 2014 after organisational changes in the organisation that I worked for. Luckily I was able to dodge the worst effects. 


The second time it hit harder. And I had to realise that I had been luring myself into a routine of accepting that work was 80 percent consisting of stuff that I had to do and 20 percent stuff that I liked to do. It was very much affecting my life at home as well. I was becoming increasingly depressed as I to an ever higher degree felt I had to sacrifice my free time to deal with work or recover from it. 

To recover from the second “stress crash” I had help from my psychologist, a great coach, exercise in the gym, long walks, retreats and mindfulness over a period of a little more than a year. It took that long to reach a state where I could take on a new job. So I did. 

I was lucky to land in a small municipality where many of my skills were needed: Team coaching, leadership coaching, personality assessment and onboarding being the most prominent. I say luckily because, as I had done with mostly all my previous employments, I didn’t really make a very conscious choice diving into this new job. I took it because I needed it, and I thought I could do it. 

That I could, and I was increasingly happy with the challenge, my tasks and my colleagues. Sadly the government instigated cutbacks to be implemented quickly. To meet them organisational changes had to be made. And I, along with many others, had to go. 

The Change

So there I was. Out in the cold, so to speak … again. This time, though, it was a somewhat different situation. I had been given a very favourable discharge arrangement. Both the municipality and I were very unhappy that this had to happen. So I had some time to think.

And my thoughts circled around if maybe there could be a reason that I was standing here again. Could it be more than just a coincidence that my career had been “broken” so many times in recent years? Was I repeating some sort of mistake in the way I was running? 

Ebbe Søndergaard in Greenland
In Greenland contemplating

This lead me to a realisation that I had been running on autopilot for a long time. There was a clear consistency in the message that came out of my sessions with my psychologist, my coach and the consequential thoughts that I had: I was making life choices for reasons other than my own. Ever since childhood I had been doing what I thought was expected of me. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. But if, as a consequece, you neglect your own wishes and urges, things like stress and discontent happen.

The Six Figure Mentors Network and Me

Jay Kubassek & Stuart Ross, founders of The SFM

So when one day in December 2018 a young Swedish guy by accident showed up in a Youtube ad with a strong message of creating work life freedom by doing online marketing, I became curious. Normally I quickly click “Skip ad” when they appear in Youtube. But this time I was caught by something. Was it his sincerity? Was it my need to find a new way?

He urged me to click on to The Six Figure Mentors where I learned that it is possible to earn a living marketing products and services online. And not only your own products but also earning commissions from marketing other people’s products. 

Thereby creating financial and geographical freedom in that you can work from anywhere and “anywhen” earning by setting up automated sales funnels on the basis of meaningful and trustful communication with people around the world. 

A State of Flow

Intrigued by the offer of a Free 7 Day Video Series, as an introduction to the concept, I signed up and started learning. I was captured by the message of freedom, profound life change and option of self sustained earnings that could come out of continuing the journey with The Six Figure Mentors. 

The next step was a 30 Day Online Education with a fee of $297. So with the promise that if I didn’t think it had value for me, I could within the 30 days get all my money back, I charged out to conquer the online world. I didn’t regret it. 

In fact my encounter with The Six Figure Mentors has set me in a state of flow I haven’t experienced in a long time. It is a creative proces of getting to know yourself and specifying your goals and wishes in life as well as setting up a business. 

A team of coaches, administrators, tech advisors, mentors as well as a huge network of peers are present 24/7 to help and inspire you to grow and become the best version of you possible. I have learned that The Six Figure Mentors is not only an education but also a culture of full tolerance and appreciation that is sincerely there for you to leverage and contribute.

What do you wish for?

What do you want?

When it comes to a better work life, what does “better” mean for you? For me it has come to mean striving for flow. A focus on what I like to do. Getting up in the morning almost not being able to contain my urge to get on with my work of creating more business and communicating with peers and potential peers. 

This kind of work lets me also plan my work life so that I have time for other great activities such as composing and playing music. Our live stock of horses and sheep. Tennis. Long walks. Spending time with my family and my mother and friends.

What is YOUR passion? 

If you want a work life of freedom and flexibility you might benefit from some structured soul searching. Maybe you could use the help of The Six Figure Mentors as well. Who knows. You are also welcome reaching out to me. 

I could be your free coach, helping you on the right track to your goals. 

What do you want?

If you think, I can help you on your way, please drop me a line in the Contact section

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